Elisa Waltzman

Cantor. Musician. Mom.


Elisa Waltzman is an ordained cantor with a classical music background. She is a proud Mom with a deep passion for bringing quality music to children and their families.

Known for her powerfully soulful voice and operatic range – Elisa is a sought-after performer for Jewish and non-Jewish audiences alike. Blending her love of various musical styles, formal classical vocal training, knowledge of Hebrew Song repertoire, and the musical sounds and styles most enjoyed by her own children, she released her first studio album Reinvented: Hebrew Songs for Families in 2015.

Elisa's childhood was filled with Jewish music sung by her late grandfather, Rabbi Cantor David J. Kane – a Holocaust survivor whose vocal talent as a child secured him a space in a concentration camp Children's Choir, ultimately saving him from the gas chambers.

Inspired by her grandfather's immense passion and deep joy of singing, Elisa began her vocal studies at the age of eleven.  She later earned both her bachelors and masters of music degrees in Vocal Arts from the University of Southern California. Elisa went on to receive her cantorial ordination and Masters of Jewish Sacred Music from the Academy for Jewish Religion, California.

Elisa is a California native, and after living in various parts of the country for a number of years, she now lives in Southern California with her husband Josh, their daughters, and their Labrador, Maestro.